Slingo Slots Review

Once upon a time, there were two separate sets – bingo and slot machines. They were merged to create an enjoyable new game that was named Slingo. This new game has a few features from each of the two mother games incorporated in it. The gaming platform used is a grid with 25 boxes. Aspects of slot games like the in-game features have been included to ensure that the game is lively. If you liked to play either of the two separate sets, this would be a game changer because the new set is integrated. Read this Slingo Slots Review for more details about this game.

Game Rules

Every game has rules, and Slingo slots are not any different. The playground consists of a 5x5 gaming grid. The essence of the game is to mark off boxes as quickly as possible. At the beginning of the game, you are required to place a bet. You can increase or decrease your staking amount by using the toggle keys plus or minus at the bottom of the screen. Once your bet has been placed, hit the start button, and 26 boxes will come up. You are meant to select one from the multitude. After you choose your preferred square, the others will be lined up on the grid.

The game will give you 11 spins which you are meant to use in creating a Slingo. Each time you make a turn, five numbers will appear on the screen. If any of them resembles the one that you had selected at the start of the game, it will change the color to red, meaning that it has been hit. The winning streaks have to be achieved in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical manner.

Gaming Icons

This game has symbols that are essential in heightening the betting experience. These are:

  • The joker – If this symbol appears on the gaming grid, you are given the option of selecting the box that you want to mark off on the line it makes an appearance.

  • Super joker – This is probably the best icon in the game. The reason behind this is that you will be allowed to mark off any square on the grid if you come across this figure.

  • Devil – This is the worst icon that you can come across. If the devil figure lands on your grid as you spin the reels, it will block any potential matches from taking place.

  • Free spin symbol – When you spin the reels, and you come across this icon, the game will award you instant free spins. These can only be used when the initial 11 ones that you received after placing your bet are depleted.

  • Coin – You know you are about to gain an extra amount of money if a coin appears on the play box. The game will award you with bonus cash equivalent to the figure indicated on the coin.

Just like in slot games, some combinations can reward you generously. For instance, if you land three jokers or three super jokers on the grid, you will receive an instant cash prize. Unlike the standard coin reward, this option will give you a relatively high award that you can cash out.

Game Variations

Just like other regular casino games, Slingo also has its portion of sets. These are:

  • Classic Slingo – You are only required to mark off boxes from the game and achieve the highest cash reward possible.

  • Deal or No Deal Slingo – This game is a combination of the TV show Deal or No Deal and Slingo. You are meant to achieve a Slingo in eleven spins. Once these are over, you have the option of taking the cashier’s deal or pick the prize that’s in your box. If you have not achieved a Slingo by the time the eleven spins are over, you will have to purchase more of these spins to continue with the match. However, this will be more costly than the initial bet.

  • Big Money Slingo – The prizes availed in this variation are given randomly. This means that some combinations will be more valuable as compared to others. Even so, you stand a chance of winning a substantial amount of money in this game.

  • Britain’s Got Talent Slingo – This game has aspects of the famous tv show incorporated into Slingo.

  • X-Factor Slingo – Another entertainment set is this one. Parts of the talent show are included in this game.

  • Slingo Riches

  • Slingo Extreme

The best thing about these games is that they can be played for free or real money. The free version is available to members who are not conversant with the sets. It enables them to learn the rules and the gaming tactics prior to gaming for cash.

Where to Play Slingo Games

If you find these game variations interesting, you may want to stake in a casino that is licensed. Such casinos will avail you with real cash bonuses that will help you play for real money rewards. Gambling in a licensed casino will assure you that you are safe from online fraud. A few of these sites include:

  • Jackpot City

  • Dunder Casino

  • Spin Palace Casino

Gaming Platforms

Betting has become a pastime activity that players have grown fond of. You can play online in any of the listed casinos above or any others that are available on the internet. Aside from computer gaming, you can play your favorite Slingo game on your mobile phone. This option is available to members who have smartphones. The casino software supports several mobile operating systems. These are:

  • iOS

  • Android software

  • Blackberry supported phones

  • Windows Phones, etc.

You can either play the HTML 5 version by finding your preferred casino online or download the applications available and play your best game on the go. These casinos have several payment options that allow members to deposit or withdraw cash from their accounts. Each of these platforms has a limit on the amount of money you can send using them. You can use e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, direct bank wire, or even cheques to pay for any Slingo game that excites you.

It is always an exciting affair when a new game hits the gambling scene. Gamers get a chance to try something different from what they are used to. Even more, the integration of games makes the betting affair extra attractive due to the slight twist. It is vital to note that betting is an affair for adults. Anyone under 18 years should keep off any casino that offers cash wagering options.

Even more, if you live in a country that has not legalized gambling, you should restrain yourself from betting in online web casinos. Failure to do so will have you prosecuted by your government for defying the rules set for staking purposes. Make sure that you bet on a site that has made provisions for testing the games to ensure that they are fair. This is in a bid to ensure that each set you play is not rigged to lean towards the casino's side.